I’m Rubaiyat Samad, a business student based in Bangladesh. Fishkeeping has been a passion for me for the last 19 years and Aquarist Paradise is my way to spread my love for fishkeeping and help my fellow enthusiasts.

My fishkeeping journey started in 2006, when my parents bought me a fishbowl as a gift. Unfortunately, none of the fish made it, but it instilled a passion for fishkeeping in me that I’ve kept for so long. Over the years  I have bred rainbows, ricefish, fancy guppies, Caridina shrimp, and so on. My methods of raising fry are unconventional, especially since I don’t feed any live foods, making them appropriate for those lacking the time, energy, or money to hatch BBS or culture daphnia. 

I have extensive knowledge of the collection and preservation of our native fish resources and how our hobby can help in the conservation of these species. 

I hope that I can guide you through the fishkeeping journey with an emphasis on stability and ease of maintenance over being a perfectionist for parameters and ruining your mental health and your fish’s physical health!

You can reach out to me at admin@aquaristparadise for all things aquarium!


Our mission is to provide fishkeepers with valuable knowledge and guidance on fish breeding, maintenance, and conservation while promoting stability, ease of maintenance, and a holistic approach to fishkeeping.


Our vision is to create a vibrant fishkeeping community where enthusiasts can confidently embark on their fishkeeping journey, armed with practical advice, innovative techniques, and a deep appreciation for the natural world.

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